Orthomolecular Medicine

The concept of Orthomolecular Medicine comes from two words: ortho, which means balance in Greek, and molecule, which means mass in Latin and is commonly used to refer to an organic compound.

The human being is a huge laboratory formed by chemical reactions in equilibrium of sixty trillion cells. Orthomolecular Medicine tries to maintain this balance, restoring it when it has been lost, giving the right molecule at the right time.

When a disease is diagnosed with the complementary tests usually used (analytical, x-ray, CT, etc.), the affected organ is already damaged in its structure, i.e. it does not function well and causes a disease. But it is important to bear in mind that before an organ becomes diseased, the cells have lost their correct function, then the tissue has been affected and subsequently the structure of the organ has been damaged. The exercise of Orthomolecular Medicine is intended to detect the moment when the cell begins to fall ill, months or years before the organ does so, thus preventing the disease. If there is already a chronic disease, a treatment can be tailored to the patient, considerably improving their quality of life and can often avoid outbreaks of the disease.

Our body is a perfect machine, but it receives continuous aggressions from the outside, such as environmental pollution, contamination of water and soil, radiation, food which, due to its manipulation, no longer provides us with many of the necessary nutrients and psychophysical-emotional stress. In order to maintain health we must have correct habits and maintain them throughout life. Only in this way can we alleviate the effects of these continuous aggressions. For this reason, resorting to Orthomolecular Medicine before the disease is present is important to acquire good habits and correct in time the presence of problems in our cells, which can lead to illness in the long run. When the disease already exists, Orthomolecular Medicine offers a tailor-made treatment for each patient, taking into account their own metabolism and their individual level of intoxication.

All of the above leads to the understanding that a global approach to the disease is necessary, taking into account the body as a "whole". Thus an individualized treatment can be offered, using tools designed to restore the balance of the organism, such as food, intestinal hygiene, detoxification of the organism and cellular nutrition with the micronutrients necessary in each case.

It has been demonstrated that micronutrients can be efficient promoters of a healthy cellular metabolism and act as extraordinary natural therapeutic agents, without presenting the side effects produced by pharmaceutical drugs. This has given rise to a new medical paradigm called Orthomolecular Medicine (Medicine of the "correct molecules") which, from its origin outside official medicine (Dr. Linus Pauling, 1968) to the present day, when it is fully accepted by doctors who practice what is known as Integrative Medicine, is applied in the treatment of almost all diseases that affect the human being, with undeniable success.

By treating the cell, we recover the fundamental unit that makes our organism function correctly and, therefore, we recover the physical, psychological and emotional balance. Having Health as the first option in life allows us to harmonize body, mind and soul and thus be able to be who we want to be and do whatever we want to do.

With Orthomolecular Medicine and its integral approach, any pathology can be treated at any age.

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