What We Do

Doctor Teresa Caturla treats pathology from an integral approach, taking into account the body "as a whole". The first visit lasts about two hours and, in it, the doctor makes a long clinical history, asking about many aspects of the patient's life.

Afterwards, she performs a complete physical examination and then uses a diagnostic tool to obtain a series of objective data on the patient's condition, which are added to those obtained previously to make the diagnoses.

At the end of the visit, the doctor explains the patient's health problems in detail, asks for additional tests if necessary, and proposes a treatment based on diet, micronutritional treatment, removal of toxins and good intestinal hygiene, among others.

Each treatment is tailor-made for each patient and their needs.

During the follow-up visits, which last approximately one hour, Doctor Teresa Caturla evaluates the patient's evolution and modifies, if necessary, the treatment as the progression is as satisfactory as possible.

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